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Jan 6, Messages: Chie fell asleep after studying.

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The game sort of initially pulls you towards yukiko as a LI, especially through the first few social links. Chie's role in the animation is similar to that of her original appearance in the games.

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A resident of Inaba. Feb 20, Messages: One day, Yukiko is busy so the rest of the trio head to Junes where they accidentally discover the world on the other side of the TV. Sadly, I haven't gotten far enough to do that yet, but the first time, I'm planning for Risette.

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Labrys accepts her Shadow and gains her Persona. God, I hate Joey so much Her summer outfit consists of a green tank top with a floral pattern as well as a colorful wristband at each arm. Chie as she appeared in Persona 4 Visualive.

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Jam Kuradoberi from the Guilty Gear palette. In the end, they decide to continue to see what was really going on, but Yosuke is unable to pass through an invisible wall because of the tournament's rules, making him put his trust on Chie to solve the case and save their friends.

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That she wants to understand her and help her as a friend. Chie's Winter outfit in Golden.

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ShadowoftheWandererDec 21, Last edited by Zelltre5-Apr 23, Dating a man who runs hot and coldDec 20, GamingJan 2, Apr 23, There are two personas 4 golden dating chie here: Both of them are confused at this, as they don't remember saying anything to insult the other.

Chie in the Ultimax manga. Shadow Chie asks the protagonist and Yosuke why they're protecting a "grubby bitch" Chie. In the animation, Ara Mitama represents the bond between her and Yu.

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