Hook up vhs to mac From VHS to DVD

Hook up vhs to mac

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Les Kern likes this. StephenCampbell thread starter macrumors Some companies offer to transfer movies directly to DVD discs.

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Dec 22, Location: It may not display this or other websites correctly. Yes, my hook is: You will need the right software to record the video.

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To set up your transfer station, connect your VCR's video output A to the video input of your camcorder or converter box. Then what is that adapter for? StephenCampbellJul 17, The only thing is mac hardware doesn't support audio, you have to connect the VCR audio directly to the Mac.

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Here's how it works: Converting an analog signal to a digital signal requires active computer circuitry. If possible, get a VCR that supports S-Video output; this option is more expensive, but it produces a sharper picture than the alternative, composite video.

Watch the size of the files though, consider a large external drive for storage. BrandPosts create an opportunity for an individual sponsor to provide insight and best online dating interests examples from their point-of-view directly to our audience.

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Once everything is connected, turn on each device, open a new iMovie project, and begin importing your footage.

One low-budget option is to project the movies onto a wall or screen and use a tripod-mounted video camera to record the image as the movie plays. Post as a guest Name.

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Any more info would be greatly appreciated! I'm not up-to-speed on the latest technology, but working from VHS tapes, you would be looking for a conversion device that accepts Composite video or S-Video, along with unbalanced RCA stereo audio, and which performs the analog-to-digital conversion and outputs a digital signal, over FireWire or USB, that Apple iMovie can record. Jason Gerick Sep 4, 6: By digitizing that old footage now, you can effectively stop the deterioration in its tracks.

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You can probably find it cheaper at Amazon. If you don't have that much space to spare, consider purchasing an additional hard drive.

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Just bumping this again to see if anyone has used or knows vhs the device I linked above. This is similar to old "telecine" methods of transferring film to video and it is very low tech provided you have a DSLR that can record video, preferably with a microphone input.

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