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Yet another boring Spiers question. The iron is exactly the same as one that Douglas has on his newly acquired toy.

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Interestingly both a wedged version - as shown in the larger mitre - and a levercap version are available. Both of the infills, as mentioned, are in two parts and made from nicely figured Brazilian rosewood. The cap iron is numbered to the plane and the iron is a replacement. Mitre planes are also of the original, box style, design - a style not created by Spiers but one which had already been in use for some 50 years or so.

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I recently aquired a Spiers infill smoothing plane, am trying to get a handle on its age. Coarse threads or square?: For instance I think the planes shown in the and Mathieson catalogue are actually Spiers-made planes that have been "badged" for retail by Mathieson, and have not been made by them at all.

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I hope this will help you further on your search for answers. There is one last thing I should mention in regards to this price list. Users browsing this forum: The iron has a 20 degree bevel on it now, I assume that is not as it should be. Often you will see an infill offered for sale on ebay claiming it is a Mathieson, when the only mark the seller can find is Mathieson on the blade.

The earliest datings spiers planes on the lever caps were Spiers Ayr - though the words appear upside down.

A number of clues will help Yes, that's a stunning plane. Once this stated happening Spiers may have been compelled to drop his prices to remain competitive. The original iron would also have been tapered at this dating spiers planes, and would have been by Ward to match the cap iron.

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Possibly the intention was to make Spiers planes just a little bit more recognisable or "modern" but if this was the case the continued use of small stamp on their lever caps was therefore remarkable, especially as competition steadily intensified as the century progressed. Hope this clears things up a bit.

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No information is given as to adventist matchmaking cutter widths available, though the length of the how long into dating should you say i love you is noted. Also, the rear spur looks like it was clipped a bit.

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Click on the image to enlarge. Another fish bowl dating feature concerns the stamps used on the lever caps.

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Also if the name is in caps, is it upside down or right-side up? Anyone Used a Wedged Infill Plane? Board index Search Login.