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Airave hookup

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Their little instruction book says its possible, and I know its possible because my old one worked just fine. I may receive the device as early as today, so we'll see how things go. I haven't figured out how to bypass those ports, and the normal port-forwarding method doesn't work.

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Is it just a coincidence that the router has gone flaky at the same time the Airave came in? Detestable ad by hookup [ TekSavvy ] by greenhyena If convenient, I'd also move them a bit further apart, just in case.

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The only thing that fixes it is to unplug the router and plug it back in. The LAN port on the Airave if yours has one is for routerless setups. Thu Jan 10, 4: Most Active Forum Topics this hookup I know what they are, I have one hooked up and it is working fine.

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But now my Wi-Fi connection stops working every hour or so. It is an airvana, which is a version 2. Is it possible that the Sprint Airave is interfering with my router's Wi-Fi signal?

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Seems silly you need a special device to do this. As he said, it took about a day for the GPS to kick in. Hook up the WAN port on your router to the modem.

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I even had one person tell me that "it won't hookup behind the router because this new system is so advanced. This gives me 6 bars on my cell phones.

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DataRiker Premium Member Jan-7 Post as a guest Name. Can't you just connect to Wifi for calling and data? Five days ago I got the Airave in from Sprint.

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Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. When I hookup get the airave, I'm wondering if I should connect it via ethernet directly to my PC, in order to make sure it's configured for my LAN, before I connect it to the RG and the rest of my network, or is it better to just connect the minor dating laws georgia straight away to my RG and then I'm assuming the airave should get an address from the DHCP pool on the RG, which will give it a One of these things.

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You don't have to make configuration changes on your local network if you don't mind changing the Airave to work on your local network addressing scheme. Going into the router settings shows that WiFi is working perfectly. Is proximity an issue?

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