Who is caroline forbes dating in real life 'Vampire Diaries' Romance Off Screen: 5 Couples That Dated In Real Life

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Damon embraced her but raised the stake to stake her through the heart. Caroline and Tyler arrive to the costume ball.

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Later, Rebekah had found her. At the driveway, she is surprised by Klaus showing up. Still, Season 8 could throw us some intersex female dating balls, and it might be nice to return to some long-lost storylines like this one.

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Elizabeth and Carol tell Caroline and Tyler to leave the town, as Alaric told the council that they are supernatural creatures. Stefan had a relationship with Rebekah in the s when Stefan was a ripper.

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Caroline also tells Stefan to come to her whenever he wants and that she won't let him lose control. She is also preparing everything for his arrival; since she assumes he will soon join them at college. Klaus said oasis online dating spared his life because of Caroline and he should never ask for mercy again. Wanting revenge on Stefan, Klaus tells Tyler that he wants him bite to Caroline, he flatly refused but accidentally bites Caroline.

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Sometime later, Caroline apologizes to Elena and the two hug. Later on, at the Salvatore Boarding House, Stefan calls Caroline and asks her if she remembers what she was like before she turned. They later break up in season 5, but reunite before the season finale.

Caroline was always closest to Bonnie that Elena because of the rivalry they had in the beginning. These two still seem to be going strong! Caroline finds blood on a leaf of a bush. Caroline's manic behavior is thus magnified.

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Caroline didn't say anything and he said she prefers the girl who is now: Caroline carries her cheerleading pom poms and cries inconsolably. She compelled him to drink her blood and when she was caught and taken away, Stefan and his brother Damon tried to free her, but were killed in the process, transitioning him into a vampire.

Sounding a little like she was reassuring herself as well as warning Mason she says " I can take you " " Wanna bet? Caroline decides to accept everything that's happened and encourages Bonnie and Elena.

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Caroline says he can't be whom is caroline forbes dating in real life anymore but he stabs her with vervain. She tells him not to bring Damon into it.

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Caroline later panics that Megan knows that they are vampires, when she has some of Megan's "protein water" that is laced with vervain. They confessed their love and kissed.

She answers and is Tyler asking her for Matt, because he hadn't heard from him and he tells her that Nadia has been compelling him to forget things.

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