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What to do when the guy you like is dating your friend

But this is not a can of worms you want to open. Sounds to me like a classic case of mixed signals. But you seem to have handled it well. Remember, that the story will inevitably spread on this one — just korean dating rumors sure you're not the bad guy when all's said and done.

I agree with asnider- if he cheats with you, what's to stop him from cheating on you?

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Bitchy girl tension all day long. Just know that from my own experience, situations like that may stave off the awkwardness, but they often lead to more in the end and sometimes even heartbreak. Now, I still work at the same company, he is still the CEO, and I'm being held back in my career because I have to 'really' prove myself.

For more drunken hooks, check out Whisper.

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As these questions swirled around in my mind, I decided to mold the situation the way that I wanted it to be. But I with coworker it would have been great if he stayed.

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Also—imagine 10 years down the road, by then it will be a quaint and faded memory; that kind of visualization can also defuse it and turn it into something less 'unseemly' and something that just happened. I don't see any reason you'd need to talk about it, if things aren't too awkward and you don't think it will happen again.

Gradually work your way up from there and see how it goes.

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There will always be other sex, probably better and probably less awkward what kind of guy chooses a blow job over sex! Do you want to give it a shot and have an office romance? I want to see if he will do it first. I am not sure what to do.

I don't regret it a bit! Young enough that you are still a ball of hormones on feet, the both of you. He never responded which is hurtful. Don't allow that culture of shame [to] impact your behavior after a hookup happens.

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So I have little experience in this area… What do I do? I spent all day going about my business as normal. Talk about what happened.

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I did not lead anyone on. Actually, this time, you both were in the wrong.

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When I hear her voice from across the room, it still shears right through my heart. Then be like see ya round and run off! At the time, it was so hot and fun that I didn't care. I know it is hard to do that but we are mature adults and should be able to handles these kinds of things.

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If he doesn't, then you don't. I just hope that we can work pass this. That will lead to things being awkward and tense for a time but, hopefully, that will dissipate after a few weeks. In my last post I ruminated on what the outcome would be.