2ne1 dara dating scandal YG responds to G-Dragon and Dara dating rumours

2ne1 dara dating scandal

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Trade Route Across Asia to Europe: It is also awkward that G-Dragon will kiss or do skinship to Dara in front of a lot of dating scandal, knowing that it will cause a media ruckus. However, most of the posts that bear similarities are in their fashion styles like wearing the same cap or shoes. Like Us on Facebook.

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Alleged proofs that the two are dating resurfaced online. However, in another angle, it showed that G-Dragon had his arms around his "noona" protecting him from the paparazzi.

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The couple's label YG Entertainment has not released an official statement yet. The angle from which the video was taken looks like G-Dragon is kissing Dara. In Case You Missed It.

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Katreena Gadong Jan 09, Saturday, 4th, It is also probable that the two shared a ride together heading to the YG headquarters. The two were trying their how to be friends first dating to hide their faces from the fans and photographers.

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A malicious report made its way online claiming that G-Dragon planted a kiss on Dara mia dating leaving the concert thanks to a fan video uploaded online. This is not the first time that Sandara and G-Dragon were rumored to be in a relationship as fans spotted and compiled similarities in their Instagram posts. G-Dragon and Dara are rumored to be in a relationship as fan videos of the two being very affectionate with each other are all over the internet.

The two were seen exiting the venue together that sparked the rumors that they are together.

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It seems that VIPs and Blackjacks also approve if the rumor is true. Some netizens think that G-Dragon is just being a gentleman to Dara.

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Do not reproduce without permission. However, it must be noted that YG has an in-house stylist and they could be sharing the accessories among artists.

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