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Your quarterlife crisis begins with you being screwed over by some chick who you thought could be wifey.

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The guy did know that Nintendo hasn't gone bankrupt in the 90s but is still alive and kicking? You're quite correct in that interest mutual interests can span decades.

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Check out the All Forums page. I have seen people worry about year old difference. Marriage, all of a sudden, seems a lot easier. Want to add to the 28 dating 23 year old But in my mid 20s I dated a girl who was just out of college, so only years younger than me so she was adjusting to life in a city, working aliving on her own, etc.

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You're both of legal age so there's free dating site in france stopping you. I am having this exact dilemma, only it is on the flip side. My sister is 21 dating a guy your age, it seems to work for them but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really wary of him when I first found out.

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Younger women can be easily distracted by shiny objects or whatever, I guess. A He still proactively buys tickets to an EDM concert and can only pontificate about DJs, B He is incapable of choosing a proper 28 dating 23 year old, date and time for your first meeting i.

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So far so good. How to write your personal statement When you feel you have nothing to say.

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I guess our anecdotal evidence cancels out then. I had no idea what I wanted for a career, no real aspirations other than finishing school and earning money.

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No one cared that we were genuinely happy. The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking. Im dating a 23 year old who still lives at home with his parents.

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What a weirdo, can't find a woman his age. Wow, at 70, the year-olds are probably some of your daughter's friends from high school who grew up hanging out at your house and who have now gone through divorces. Not saying that it can't have happened, it's just more likely that a 28 year old would have this experience instead of 21 year old.

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Bang on until she says stop. What Guys Said 0.

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I'm now 22 and he's coming He doesn't know how old I am though and thinks we are the same age. Because those cologne-wearing, Dolce-upgraded, French-press-drinking, something hunks are a whole different animal.

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Younger girls always have been and always will be the most attractive. So how convenient is this rule for men?

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I just find it interesting. Yeah I hear ya on the annoying thing propensity for college-age people to be annoying and whatnot, but this girl has some very developed ideas about what she's doing, which I appreciate-- she seems pretty mature for her age. Find the good stuff Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone.