Destiny matchmaking down 'Fortnite' Battle Royale Matchmaking Down For Hours

Destiny matchmaking down, destiny status reports for friday 3rd of november 2017

It is only because I would like to establish dominance.

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Issues Reported Pokemon Duel tip on Nov 3. News PlayStation PlayStation 4. Hell I was looking forward to playing for an hour before work.

Problems with Destiny? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

In a tweet sent out early this morning, they said that servers are expected to be back online by 11 a. Players will not be able to log in when the work starts and those who are still in the server an hour later will be kicked from the game. Pull a dam Liam Neeson Taken on their asses.

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My xbox live is fine, it IS dating site for bookworms. ThePackle tfw destiny 2 team does the raid blind without waiting for you since you had internet problems. Or, I could possibly get my eyes checked. Getting Xbox live errors now….

You cannot enter matchmaking queue because your status

This is bull feces. Servers must be down, constant contacting destiny servers message on bottom when signing in. Every time I try and log in.

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Destiny is down at the moment apparently be it maintence or hackers its down. StDxSchool stdxrighty destinythegame fortnitegame settodestroyx officialegl scufgaming fortnite is offline for a few destinies matchmaking.

“Ah, who doesn’t love infrastructure.”

TechYESCity anyone know how to benchmark destiny 2? Destiny 2 is down for me, guessing the maintenance has down started then!!!! Maine is down too.

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The Destiny server status comes into question when this game runs into problems, which could reveal the servers are unavailable and explain connection issues. Netflix works, all my other games work but destiny. Destiny came back online around 1:

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