How to ask for pictures online dating Online Dating and They Want More Pics? Don’t!

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If your pics are not fully disclosing your body type then yeah I can see why a guy wants to ask you for more pics to make sure.

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Its the two who always changed the topic when asked for a pic that turned out to be either married or catfishing. This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. Yes Moxie is absolutely right.

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You are uncannily hot and they think your pics are stolen or: Men seem to like it and compliment me on it. I understand your perspective on that.

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I'd add a line to the profile that you only reply to people with photos, or if they attach a picture in the first message. Originally Posted by FurryFoxWolf.

Met a girl online, now she's asking for my photo. The commentariat here is a bottomless pit of compassion for aggressively stupid behavior. Do you send them the pictures, or, is it a better headlines to put on dating sites not to?

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I believe in the short phone call. I'm pretty non-social myself so it's not too much an issue for me. Just that those that did, showed up and were who they said they were. Additionally, people always tend to send the best pics they can find of themselves, which can certainly lead to dissapointment in actual meeting.

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I'm not super confident in how I look in pictures, so it's not something I do often. My girlfriend was also hit up by lesbians posing as men.

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I met a girl online not dating relatedwe had a connection, and is now asking for my photo. Without implying that this is the case with yours, I've seen quite a few full body pictures on profiles that weren't helpful at settling whether I would be attracted to the person or not. Do you often laugh at completely normal sentences?

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I was going to suggest sending a picture of your cat. My now-husband's second email to me was "here are some lufkin tx dating of me at a kayaking event. We live in the same city so there is a chance we may be meeting soon. But it wasn't necessarily a red flag. If she accuses you of how to ask for pictures online dating a creep after you've been having a completely respectful and friendly conversation, I recommend you save yourself some time and end the communication.

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Now, if they have a good variety of pics, it might be a little odd to ask. Could you send a photo so I can see who I'm chatting with? This thread is closed to new comments.

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You just wanna get a better idea of whom you're looking at.