Tznius dating Guys and Modesty

Tznius dating

I admit I am far from 'tznius' and I'm not excusing myself either.

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If a girl has another dating she needs to change about herself just to impress you, you don't deserve her. Ok, I'm getting too carried away. I think there is no reason for anyone to try to shame or put down this bochurs view of this.

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Believe me, I can write a whole op-ed on the problems bochurim are having these days, problems that might even be worse than the tznius issue. In short, its peer pressure! What is a tactic we can use to succeed in maintaining our holiness?

I was expecting the tuition article to get a lot of comments, but I just don't know can't figure why this topic get so many comments so fast.

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So, dress how you like. This is exactly what happened to my daughter.

The Jewish concept of modesty applies to men as much as it does to women.

Each bochur in that discussion said that we want our wives to dress tznius. I think this was written by an older guy who thinks he'll get his message across if the reader girl I find girls and woman who dress in an untznius way are not very intelligent don't have much up there and flaunt their bodies to make themselves feel good!

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If my community thinks im prust because I hate wearing stockings, slowly slowly it will lead to breaking asian hookup seattle halachas. But this is the way Hashem made it.

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This is a struggle typical bochrim face daily especially Fridays try walking a mile in my hat dating park in kolkata jacket and see how far you get though that would resolve the tznius issue.

You get the girl that's in your level, not higher.

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Eventually we grow up hopefully and realize that even in the less likely scenario of our parents being wrong, we won't mess up our lives now doing stupid things just to prove a point. Event Checklist Doing an Event?

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And a belt would not hurt either. We were chosen to b a shining example to the world. I believe we all at our essence want to do the right thing, we all want to make Hashem proud. Or women who wear the sheitels that are beyond too long? It's so wonderful when you see men dressed in a way that is dignified.

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The differences between the frum philosophy on life and the dating couldn't be more black and white. Oct 25, Series: Does his kid respect him?

Tznius: Dating & Beyond

Remember dating talk till you fully understand. Choosing to dress tznius shows that you're responsible, self confident, mature, and most of all, you are a person of value and self worth.

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Actually, it ignores the real issue. I am glad I don't live in CH, the last time I've been there, i was shocked.

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The frum stores need to start carrying tznius clothing and free browse dating websites but. I can completely relate to the initial and basic premise delineated, which, to reiterate, was that generally speaking a healthy bochur wants a healthy girl for his wife.

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Comments To add a comment, go to shiur page. Maybe I'm being too idealistic, maybe more people then I realize really don't know how to interact with our secular surroundings. Its not terribly complicated.

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Playing with emotions, breaking a heart and then making someone so uncomfortable in their shul is not right.