Stanley hand planes dating Bailey Identification

Stanley hand planes dating

Make sure the frog isn't broken - curiously, many of them have their frogs snapped off at their tops where the lateral adjustment lever is supposed to be the earliest models, pre, never had a lateral adjustment lever.

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You don't except in the case of the 2. Have a Stanley Bailey 5 that appears to by a type 14 with a V cast under the tote.

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The ogee-shaped frog has no markings, casting, etc. If they couldn't buy up their competition, they'd just offer a similar tool at a more affordable price.

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Kidney shaped cap hole. Dating stanley hand planes. July 14, at 6: Why Stanley did this is anybody's guess. Sounds like a s model.

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Stanley, in their reams of propaganda, referred to it as a 'cutter'. The rear of the frog rests on the cross rib, across its full width.

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It was never a popular plane dating of this particular plane, thus its scarcity. This design is simply a kolkata dating and flat rectangular area that is machined on the bottom casting.

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December 21, at A cracked tote is another fairly common flaw found on these planes. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

“How Many Patent Dates do you see behind the handplane frog?”

Wood planes, such as this vintage Stanley Bedrock model owned by. The Hand Tool List It. This damage is very easy to recognize - dating the plane over and look for two screws staring back at you. Inspect it carefully for repairs.

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Matchmaking sheever, would love some pics! This is rare damage, but it just goes to show you that these planes can be damaged anywhere and it's just good practice to examine them thoroughly before you buy.

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Stewart Spiers was laboring in relative anonymity communication between the bonnie shores of Scotland and USofA was simply a boatride away back when Stewart first startedmaking bench planes designed using the same techniques as the traditional dovetailed mitre planes, which had been around for quite some time. The frog is screwed to the stanley hand 'beam' that spans the rails.

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Occasionally, you might find an early version of this plane with a built-in oiler located at its knob which holds oil that is drained through perforations drilled through the sole, directly beneath the knob. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment hand planes The main casting is very much like those castings produced during WWII, with their farmer dating site ireland thicker dimensions.

It's attached to the top of the frog with a small, peened over pin.

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This damage is clearly visible by flipping the plane over and looking at the stanley. A taller knob, called the "high knob" in the tool collecting circus, was offered starting ca.

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Be sure the japanning is original and matches well between the frog and the main casting. There are four major frog and corresponding receiver of the main casting designs found on the Bailey bench planes. Be careful when searching for replacement irons for these planes.

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