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I was concerned that my Mandarin is a buffy dating quotes thin, but why online dating is popular it turns out, she speaks Cantonese, which is thinner.

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She jumps up onto the gurney and does a roundoff onto the floor as he gets up. Willow kicks him Uhhhh.

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Giles made them for Chao-Ahn, and now she's locked herself in the bathroom. Well, it's an actual blanket. Andrew sits up and faces them. I'm sorry I almost ate you. We tried the office here, but it's locked. What was that like?

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Buffy jumps back, startled. She finds his cross.

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And in this time shall come the Annointed, the Master's great warrior. Willow and Xander turn around to look.

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Some night when I'm not being held hostage by a raving psychotic. How's he fit in?

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Do you have a stake? The brethren give him their attention.

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Human rules don't apply. Instead of attacking, the brethren close the gates. Said it wasn't time for me yet.

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He runs to the flower room door and finds it locked. It's not that big a deal. If you fail to bring him to me, if you allow that girl to stop you I'll take care of it.

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I, I didn't mean They watch Owen leave. Behind the window he sees a body covered with a sheet.

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Buffy, when I said you could slay vampires and have a social life, I didn't mean at the same time. I lost my Emily What are we doin' here? Yuck, check these guys out. Uh, you should probably know that Buffy doesn't like to be kissed. Yes, I want to date, and shop and hang out and go to school and save the world from unspeakable demons.