19 dating a 26 year old I am 26 dating a 19 year old - is this ok?

19 dating a 26 year old

My parents are 10 years apart.

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I think any two consenting adults of legal age should be able to date regardless of their sex or age. I know it was a while ago and obviously we all know how that turned out but nobody cried "foul" at the time.

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Anyways, the site listed this girl as a match, but I just completely ignored it because she wasn't in that range I was looking year. Send questions for Cecil Adams to: I'm 26 and do well for myself, she's 19 about to finish nursing school running start in HS and extremely motivated.

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So I wanted to tap your brains for another perspective, this time coming from the guy. I can tell she is really into me and will most likely want to date me in the nearish future. Default vbulletin 3 style made responsive also available in the pack.

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My first thought is that despite you two clicking, that she is still too young. Not that there's anything wrong with it per se, it's just that it seems like super awesome mature 19 year olds shouldn't need to utilize that tool to find someone.

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I don't see any harm in dating her for coffee it'll have to be coffee, 'cause like I said you're not meeting her in a bar any time soon and seeing if you click in person too. Utah 1, posts, read 1, times Reputation: Also close this question Not now Select. I am kind of torn on what to do here. BB code is On.

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USA 16, posts, read 11, times Reputation: I met a very mature 19 year old when I was 23 and established a good friendship with her, but it was apparent after a while that we were still pretty far apart due to age difference. Obviously it's a question of the mental maturity of both parties.

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The "half plus seven" is an excellent rule of thumb. Firstly, I want to throw out that I'm not normally attracted to girls younger than You started dating when you were 32 and she was Other than that, I'd proceed with caution, but proceed nonetheless. Originally Posted by PandaBear77 Meh, whatevs. Find all posts by Loach.

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Its not like its illegal. Find all posts by Senegoid.

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We had a great time. Find all posts by drewtwo That's not much of an age difference at all, I've got no problem with it. Anyone But Obama Country Posts: No matter how identity theft dating websites someone that age acts, they lack the time and experiences needed to have the same perspectives and thought-processes as people who are older.

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It comes with 3 colors with or without sidebar, fixed sized or fluid. Old you saying that the legal drinking age in your country is lower than 21, or that there is no legal lower age limit for drinking?

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Check this video, should help you a bit http: As I understand it these 21 to drink laws are basically cause of one annoying group called mothers against drink driving or something that bullied the country into introducing these laws and politicans were unable to say no. One of my boys is 26, and he's seeing a 19 year old Find all posts by PandaBear

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