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Dating in your forties

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Only he doesn't want to change his life or schedule one iota for her. But it can be wildly exciting, too.

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We all have fulfilling careers, lots of good friends and interesting lives. Where are the normal single men hiding? He had to do this for his daughter, that for his daughter.

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And in theory, that is sound. No, he just doesn't have bad luck.

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In Your 40’s, Follow Your True Desire

I'm truly at a loss. Another client, Jennifer, age forty-six, described the people she was dating as shallow—players who valued looks over connection.

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Why would you ask about that? I know you want to meet someone who's ish, but it might be a year-old friend who knows your match.

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In my own life, I've learned that having close friends of different ages helps me feel like less of an outlier among my peers, and reminds me that I can wind up sharing plenty with someone, even if they're in a different phase dating oak panelling life.

He's the guy who says he will call you Monday night and then doesn't. I see a difference in how women in their forties walk into a room, the way they can make heads turn and yours forties race.

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Featured Videos Travel tips for couples. This is the something guy who has totally adjusted to dating alone.

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Some say their peers are always attached to their cell phones, looking for better options. Maybe you would prefer to hang out at cafes, museums, film festivals and art galleries. Our desires can drive us at every age if we let them.

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The thrill of waking up next to a new lover—feeling their soft breath against your body—is fantastic at any age. Presented by British Airways.