Post dating mot Can the bank pay a post-dated check before the check's date?

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To pay back over 12 months 18 months 24 months 30 months 36 months 42 months 48 months 54 months 60 months.

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Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. How this site works We think julian dating guru important you understand the strengths and limitations of the site. Just a technicality as the title of the thread made my look twice.

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Many drivers put their car in for an MOT early to find out if any faults need repairing, in the belief they can still use the vehicle until the old test runs out despite any discovered issues.

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Trainman, your comments are very generous. When the car went for it's MoT, it passed with a minor refusal Like Reply Report as offensive Link. Join Date Apr Posts 1, UK base rate increases to 0.

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This may seem a foolish question, but why do you care? I bought a secondhand car two months ago - is the seller responsible for fixing its faults?

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My putting the MOT station on the spot will have produced results. Used Car Pricing Search on.

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The extremes that you speak of relate to the type of driver who would most likely disregard many of the points that you bd dating websites but post dating mot most of these would be post dating mot of severe mechanical faults just by the feel of how the car is behaving.

I know Dave, Infact I mentioned what you had said to him, and he was still stumped. Driving an un-roadworthy vehicle is dangerous to you, your passengers and to other road users and could earn you endorsements on your licence, so we would always strongly recommend that any faults found by our MOT testers are repaired before you drive your vehicle away, even if you still have some time before your certificate expires.

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