Cancer online dating Hoping to click: dating and breast cancer

Cancer online dating

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I've met a great guy who I look forward to getting to know. Good luck with the dating everyone. I also feel like someone who has been through cancer or another major medical issue would be able to relate to me maybe a bit better.

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February 6 Vote Up 1 Vote Down. He was extremely caring and sensitive towards me during and after surgery, he took time off work to go with me to cancer and was very supportive throughout all my treatments.

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I instantly felt like I had met my soul mate. Timing was tough, as I was scheduled for a major surgery which I described as a medical procedure and had family in town, so it took awhile for us to meet. But now I fell like damaged goods, Dating was hard enough with out the emotional imprints that cancer leaves behind. But I am getting ready for grad school, investing a lot of time into my jobs, keeping a healthy social life, filling my time with exercise and hobbies.

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Penny, who was diagnosed at 52 inworries about the right time to tell potential partners about her cancer. I'm at a good school and am working a nice co-op job.

Skip to main content. It made me realize he was superficial and not someone I dating a leo horoscope to be with in the end. In all honesty, this is not too far from others' situations, but it is somewhat rough and I don't know too many other people personally in the same boat as me, so it can be a bit difficult at times.

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I was 18 when diagnosed, and it really changed the course of my life. But I singles dating sites realised it was a very individual thing and that if and when the time was dating, I would broach it.

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I was very nervous about bringing it up. I would like this to happen, what's cancer us?

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He knew I had been in the hospital recently and eventually it just came out that it was for cancer. But since all my treatment and diagnosis, I've found myself really nervous at the thought of meeting someone new and having to share some personal details, for fear of putting them off.

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I'm very self-conscious about the looks someone gives me when I make eye contact with them. However, I remain positive and hopeful that with time I'll find someone who will celebrate my past and support me with my future!

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I think this is a really good idea, I lost all of my dating after my treatment in regards to dating. That computer science field is nice to those willing to learn. It looks like you're new here. Honestly I'd like to meet someone on here. February 5 Vote Up 1 Vote Down. Men hear the word cancer and that's it, their gone. One of the most depressing things for me is say walking down a sidewalk and nice young lady my age is walking towards me and either they make a face of disgust at me or completely avoid any eye contact with me. Keep up to date with our news, events and how you can get involved.

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Lots of love to give btw: As others have mentioned after a brief skimming of the comments, the dating scene for me has been a bit of a wash. I never thought I would meet someone so nice at such a rough time of my life.

But I don't know if for me, personally and obviously you feel differently that I need a cancer specific dating forum.

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