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Autistic dating site, why do i have to complete a captcha?

I have never used any of those websites.

We do not discriminate against anyone and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind within the community. How do you know I'm mad?

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You are also able to write blogs, add photos and engage in the forums. Have these websites been effective? I left NLL a few weeks ago because I do NOT want to be part of a site that will condone trolling; that gives people with mental issues a bad rep.

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It is optional to include other colors of the spectrum in their match results so members of those classifications know they might be interested. I tried autistic dating site emails to em several times about it but I never heard back.

Username Password Remember Me.

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Proportion of Aspies on dating dating articles 2014 What you see is what you get. I guess i should have added, the ones listed are free sites. They have "sexy" profile pictures, and their interests are all very similar.

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I had been a member of there for a couple years. Lacking in both design and members, you might try waiting awhile before looking for love here.


I tried an aspie dating site a while ago forgot the name of it but I couldn't find anyone in my area, and I live in a big city. Oh, you can't help that, said the Cat: Aspie Dating Worldwide Info: Upon completing the test, the member is assigned a color based on their form of autism. Bringing the Community Together. Some of us can tolerate certain environments, and some of us cannot.

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