Dating beatles vinyl Beatles Different Record Labels

Dating beatles vinyl

The amount of later Reggae Jamaican pressings being stated to be original is alarming!

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This circular groove was the result of the use of the old stamp machines. A Blue Beat is on the thickest heavy vinyl you will find, they are Orlake datings beatles. This success prompted others to get into the act, including Capitol.

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The bit of "James Bond Theme" which appears before the title track became a popular introduction to the song. Ltd," but inthe rim print changed to mention EMI as the manufacturer.

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LPs production was moved to France for some time. This version of the label use Sans-serif print. Every Beatles album has been remastered in stereo, but the first pressings were made in mono, except for the band's first release, "Please Please Me," and its last two releases, "Abbey Road" and "Let It Be.

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A LP with no flipback can be seen to be a or later issue, in those days some LPs stayed available for several years. Second label variation of the first pressing has a circular groove.

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The original label printer plates were used although the stereo mark was moved from the top to just above the catalogue number. Hi I think you will find the following information very interesting.


The photos on the front cover were rearranged so that Paul appears to be pointing to the Capitol logo. Due to a licensing tangle, however, Capitol was able to issue all of the Hard Day's Night songs. Scan through the back of the record sleeve for "Abbey Road. The number in the run out area usually relates to a matrix number on the vinyl.

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Black label with two silver EMI vinyls and silver print. Our site is not commercial.

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This record was the first Beatles album release on their new label, Apple, and the record labels indicated that the album was the best and safest dating sites by Capitol but issued by Apple.

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In other countries, slightly different versions of the album were issued, to reflect what songs had charted best in those countries. As a footnote, there is a seller on ebay selling made-up Gold discs of the popular artists from then to vinyl.

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The other thing was the idea of a "contract" pressing,which were on the yellow logo Parlophone label. Recording" text located on the left. This label used between summer and summer Be aware a 60s track with felt tip pen dating beatles is not an old one!

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Modern ss Jamaican pressings of classic Studio One tracks look aged as they are poorly pressed on old equipment. This label is similar to the first purple 78 rpm labels.

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Two singles and no promos were pressed in Canada on this label. Only one single internet dating nairobi pressed with a custom label: Faked Demo labels we've seen with Typewritten labels, but think how easy it is to buy a Typewriter, there are tons of them around.

The tax code was pressed in the trail-off area SP and EP and embossed in the center of the label or printed on the label. How to Date Vinyl Records.