Speed dating mustang commercial An attractive blonde driver and a Mustang GT helped Ford to prank unsuspecting men

Speed dating mustang commercial

Prestin Persson is hardly just a pretty face

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Please go to Windows Updates and install the latest version. Dollar Shave Club "Buttery Dunes" Advertising Judge" 1: Leave a comment Your name. What they don't know is that this lady isn't uncomfortable behind the wheel. While some of the men took the unexpected, autocross-like driving exhibition in stride, others didn't handle it so well.

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Maybe we'll find out in a speed dating mustang commercial clip someday. One dude barely manages to croak out "Why are we speed dating mustang commercial so fast? The guys in the clip, all aspiring actors, believe they're auditioning for a new dating show starring Persson, and are unaware of her skills behind the wheel.

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Honda " hondanetxtdoor" In other words, she knows her way around a car. An attractive blonde driver and a Mustang GT helped Ford to prank unsuspecting men.

Ford pranks unsuspecting blind dates with Mustang speed dating

You have successfully emailed the post. One guy told her he's a "ninja.

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Here's the commercial in its entirety: Ford exec Andrea Zuehlk assured USA Today that the unsuspecting guy had fun, "but a lot of things hit the cutting room floor. The reactions are predictable but amusing.

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Take a group of unsuspecting guys, put them each in a fast car with a pretty blonde and let the fun begin. Painfully long, as web content tends to be, and pretty much the same idea Renault "The Ultimate Speed Date" from last year. Another laughs spasmodically, as if he'll never stop.

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This ploy worked like a charm. If you pause the video just right, you can see the moment Mr "I go rock climbing on the weekends" falls in love.

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Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Visa - Baby Talk And she certainly doesn't need them to show her what the Stang can do. The result is pure marketing gold! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, pinks hearts, red roses, and boxes of chocolate are everywhere.

Ad of the Day: Ford Pranks Guys by Sending Them on a Blind Date With a Stunt Driver

So gentlemen — the next time a blind date offers to drive you home Each of the men in the commercial appeared for the blind date as a means to try out for a dating reality show.

And like those viral smashes, Ford's effort is tearing up the fast lane, with almost 10 million YouTube views since its launch a week multiplayer matchmaking Valentine's Day. Receive information and updates on Adweek Events, Awards, and Promotions Receive news and offers from our friends and sponsors.

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After meeting in a bistro for supposed "chemistry checks," Persson takes each for a spin in her red Mustang GT, which is fitted with hidden cameras, naturally.