Matchmaking super pershing Tier VIII of the Week: T26E4 SuperPershing

Matchmaking super pershing

It's what you'll get from it that matters and if you think you can improve your game through challenging yourself, go for it.

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The prototype was designated the T26E4. The T26E4 SP is good if you like heavys: I would advise you to get a cheap low tier premium instead, if you really feel like spending money.

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Whereas other mediums may be speedy, thinly armored, and rely on flanking maneuvers and wolf-pack tactics, the T26E4 finds itself better suited to playing as a breakthrough tank.

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Clan actions are blocked until. When it comes to buying a premium, what do you want it for? You're given 20k gold, m credits and m free XP to use on the test server so you can try any regular tank and a couple of premiums.

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SP has special mm, tier 9 max. When playing the Super Pershing, great care must be taken to aim for the weakpoints on enemy armor and to matchmaking super the three weak spots hidden or constantly moving.

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Strappster 7 Posted 19 February - Oh, but I do Tea Party Coach 5 Posted 09 March - An alternative to targeting weakspots while in a T26E4 are its premium rounds which boast greatly increased penetration. The T26E4 has three large weakpoints: Sucks if you don't, tho.

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Drive around, Shoot'n run, reach the hill first, approach a enemy from behind and push it off a cliff and so on. Started by Accidental2GeniusFeb 19 The front of a T26E4 is a super challenge to inexperienced players and tanks at a distance.

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Chicada 8 Posted Mar 17 - Accidental2Genius 6 Posted 19 February - Although very difficult to penetrate at a matchmaking, an up-close T26E4 can be more easily dispatched by enemies that are familiar with the T26E4's numerous weakspots.

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