Persona 4 golden dating ai Ai Ebihara

Persona 4 golden dating ai

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But if I can't be loved, Then what's the dating She fears rejection and acts dramatically upon receiving it, culminating in an attempt to jump milan dating italy the school roof. I mean, I liked Yukiko more anyway but I kinda wanna see what happens when you have multiple girlfriends? Despite her pattern of truancy, Ai has many admirers, and her beauty is said to trump even Yukiko Amagi's. Points needed to Rank UP Rank 1: In persona, she was avoiding her golden laid-back, simpler, but truer self.

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Later, at Aiya's, the team celebrates their game, still joyous in the face of their failure. To me, Chie would make a better boyfriend than a girlfriend, if you know what I mean.

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During the game, Ai interrupts Chie's filming, stating that she was unnecessary. Kush Follow Forum Posts: Kou soon leaves, and Yu discovers Ai wallowing in self-pity.

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At school, she wears the school uniform of Yasogami High, with various eccentricities: Kondo as the sports team manager, but it's immediately evident that she couldn't care less about the team. During the course of the protagonist's interaction with Ai, she shyly reveals harboring romantic feelings towards Kou Ichijo or Daisuke Nagase varies depending on which club was selected but was afraid of rejection, and practically orders the protagonist to perform reconnaissance and find out what kind of girl he likes.

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She hides inside an empty vaulting horse in the changing rooms, as Yu talks with Kou. If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here. In the anime, Ai met Yu on April 19 at basketball practice, when he is dragged there by Kou.

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Please Log In to post. Diamond Follow Forum Posts: If you choose to deny the opportunity like you did with Chie, however, you don't get a second chance; they just become close platonic friends at that point. Ai gives the protagonist her Compacttelling him that after reshaping her image, she has been carrying the compact to constantly remind herself that she's different now from how she was before.

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Once Yukari saw Ai and I together, but I talked my way out of it.